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Author:Klier, Thomas H. 

Working Paper
Evidence on the Within-Industry Agglomeration of R&D, Production, and Administrative Occupations

To date, most empirical studies of industrial agglomeration rely on data where observations are assigned an industry code based on classification systems such as NAICS in North America and NACE in Europe. This study combines industry data with occupation data to show that there are important differences in the spatial patterns of occupation groups within the widely used industry definitions. We focus on workers in manufacturing industries, whose occupations almost always fit into three groups: production, administrative, or R&D. We then employ two approaches to document the spatial ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2016-20

Structural change and cyclicality of the auto industry

Chicago Fed Letter

Challenges and prospects for Midwest manufacturing

The Chicago Fed held a series of conferences in 2003?04 aimed at understanding the recent poor performance of the manufacturing sector in the Midwest and the nation and identifying the challenges that lie ahead.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Mar

Challenges to the U.S. auto industry

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Mar

Journal Article
The geographic evolution of the U.S. auto industry (pt. 1)

The authors examine changes in the footprint of the auto industry in the United States, starting in 1980 and tracking them through 2003. Their formal analysis of assembly and supplier plant locations traces the reorientation of the auto region from one that extends east?west to one that stretches north?south over this period. To accommodate the large size of the file and the number of illustrations, the article has been divided into two smaller files.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q II , Pages 2-6

Headquarters wanted: principals only need apply

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jul

Emissions trading--lessons from experience

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Nov

Assessing the Midwest economy--a longer view

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jul

Who really made your car?

In the past few decades, the evolving relations between automakers and their parts suppliers have resulted in shifts in the location of production across North America. The authors explore the ongoing structural changes to the automotive industry and explain their local, regional, and international implications.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

After the perfect storm: What’s next for the auto industry?

Amid the global recession in 2008?09, the U.S. auto industry experienced its worst downturn in recent memory. While conditions have improved in 2010, questions about which factors will shape the industry?s competitiveness remain. The Chicago Fed hosted a conference on May 10?11, 2010, at its Detroit Branch to explore the industry?s past, present, and future.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug



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