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Author:Klier, Thomas H. 

Who really made your car?

In the past few decades, the evolving relations between automakers and their parts suppliers have resulted in shifts in the location of production across North America. The authors explore the ongoing structural changes to the automotive industry and explain their local, regional, and international implications.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

After the perfect storm: What’s next for the auto industry?

Amid the global recession in 2008?09, the U.S. auto industry experienced its worst downturn in recent memory. While conditions have improved in 2010, questions about which factors will shape the industry?s competitiveness remain. The Chicago Fed hosted a conference on May 10?11, 2010, at its Detroit Branch to explore the industry?s past, present, and future.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug

Working Paper
The Effect of Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards on Technology Adoption

Many countries are tightening passenger vehicle fuel economy standards. The literature on passenger vehicle standards has used structural models to estimate their welfare effects. This paper provides the first empirical evidence on the effects of recently tightened fuel economy standards on technology adoption. Specifically, it investigates changes in the rate and direction of technology adoption, that is, the extent to which technology is used to increase fuel economy at the expense of other vehicle attributes. We find that recent U.S. and European standards have both increased the rate of ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2014-22

Journal Article
Determinants of supplier plant location: evidence from the auto industry

Economic Perspectives , Volume 29 , Issue Q III

Journal Article
Estimating U.S. metropolitan area export and import competition

This article estimates the extent to which the manufacturing sectors of U.S. metropolitan economies face competition from abroad and, in turn, how much they export overseas.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 27 , Issue Q IV

Journal Article
Auto Production Footprints: Comparing Europe and North America

Today?s footprints of motor vehicle production1 in Europe and North America appear at first glance to be remarkably similar: In both regions, plants producing motor vehicles are highly agglomerated, which is typical of manufacturing activities. The auto industry is a global industry: A dozen or so mass producers compete with one another around the world. Because these automakers employ similar production models in their plants, one might expect similar forces to shape their production location decisions. This article evaluates whether the same general factors explain the broad patterns seen ...
Economic Perspectives , Issue Q IV , Pages 101-119

Recent developments in clean water legislation

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jun

Working Paper
To trade or not to trade: who participates in RECLAIM?

see Working Paper 96-12
Working Paper Series, Regional Economic Issues , Paper 94-11

The Great Lakes border economy

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jul

Journal Article
The geographic evolution of the U.S. auto industry (pt. 2)

The authors examine changes in the footprint of the auto industry in the United States, starting in 1980 and tracking them through 2003. Their formal analysis of assembly and supplier plant locations traces the reorientation of the auto region from one that extends east?west to one that stretches north?south over this period. To accommodate the large size of the file and the number of illustrations, the article has been divided into two smaller files.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q II



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