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Author:Keeton, William R. 

Journal Article
Small business lending at Tenth District banks

One of the most important roles commercial banks perform is to lend to small businesses. Such lending is vital to the regional economy because small businesses generally lack access to alternative sources of credit and because they account for a major share of job creation. Moreover, small business lending is crucial to the health of district banks because it is one of the few profitable activities in which banks continue to enjoy clear advantages over other financial institutions.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 10-14

Journal Article
What can regional manufacturing surveys tell us? lessons from the Tenth District

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City conducts a monthly survey of over 100 manufacturers across the Tenth District. Other Federal Reserve Banks conduct similar surveys of manufacturers within their districts, as do a number of regional associations of purchasing managers. ; The increased attention paid to regional manufacturing surveys makes it important to know what kind of information these surveys provide. These surveys differ from other data sources by collecting only qualitative information, such as the direction of change in activity. The surveys could be useful either because they ...
Economic Review , Volume 89 , Issue Q III , Pages 39-70

Journal Article
Banking performance in Tenth District states

Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-22

Journal Article
Small and large bank views of deposit insurance: today vs. the 1930s

Economic Review , Volume 75 , Issue Sep , Pages 23-35

Journal Article
The transformation of banking and its impact on consumers and small businesses

The banking industry has undergone profound changes during the last decade. The most obvious change has been the large number of bank mergers, which have increased both the average size of banks and the area over which they operate. Other changes may also prove dramatic but are at this point just getting under way?the growth of Internet banking and the combination of banking with other financial services, such as insurance and securities underwriting.> The implications of these changes for the profitability and safety of banks have been widely discussed, but what do they mean for local ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q I , Pages 25-53

Journal Article
Banking performance in the Tenth District states

The average profitability of banks in Tenth District states edged up in 1987 after five years of decline. Agricultural banks showed the greatest recovery, combining faster loan growth with lower loan losses and higher profits.
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Jun , Pages 3-21

Journal Article
Are rural banks facing increased funding pressures? : evidence from Tenth District states

During the last several years, concern has increased that changes in the financial system have made it harder for rural banks to attract enough deposits to meet local credit demands. While urban banks may face some of the same problems, it is widely believed that funding pressures have increased more for rural banks than for urban banks. In response, bank trade groups and rural development officials have proposed new measures to expand rural banks' access to loanable funds.> Three factors have led to the increased concern about the ability of rural banks to fund their loans. Firs, ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q II , Pages 43-67

Journal Article
The Reconstruction Finance Corporation: would it work today?

Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Q I , Pages 33-54

Journal Article
The role of community banks in the U.S. economy

The U.S. banking system is unusual in consisting not only of some very large banks but also a large number of relatively small community banks. This bifurcated banking system in the United States has served the economy well. Over time, with regulatory change and financial innovation, large banks have become complex organizations engaged in a wide range of activities. They provide a variety of services to their customers, but often rely on hard financial information, computer models, and centralized decision-making as the basis for conducting business. In contrast, small banks have focused ...
Economic Review , Issue Q II , Pages 15-43

Journal Article
Profits of commercial banks in Tenth District states

Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue Jun , Pages 3-22


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