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Author:Jimenez, Gabriel 

Conference Paper
Loan characteristics and credit risk

Proceedings , Paper 857

Working Paper
Empirical analysis of corporate credit lines

Since bank credit lines are a major source of corporate funding and liquidity, we examine the determinants of credit line usage with a database of Spanish corporate credit lines. A line's default status is the primary factor driving its usage, which increases as a firm approaches default. Several lender characteristics suggest an important role for bank monitoring in firms' usage decisions. Credit line usage is found to be inversely related to macroeconomic conditions. Overall, while several factors influence corporate credit line usage, our analysis suggests that default and supply-side ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2007-14

Conference Paper
Local versus aggregate lending channels : the effects of securitization on corporate credit supply in Spain

Proceedings , Paper 1126

Conference Paper
Evidence on the impact of monetary policy on bank credit risk

Proceedings , Paper 1100

Conference Paper
Competition and risk taking by Spanish banks

Proceedings , Paper 1109

Working Paper
EAD calibration for corporate credit lines

Managing the credit risk inherent to a corporate credit line is similar to that of a term loan, but with one key difference. For both instruments, the bank should know the borrower's probability of default (PD) and the facility's loss given default (LGD). However, since a credit line allows the borrowers to draw down the committed funds according to their own needs, the bank must also have a measure of the line's exposure at default (EAD). Our study, which is based on a census of all corporate lending within Spain over the last 20 years, provides the most comprehensive overview of corporate ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2009-02

Working Paper
How does competition impact bank risk-taking?

A common assumption in the academic literature and in the actual supervision of banking systems worldwide is that franchise value plays a key role in limiting bank risk-taking. As the underlying source of franchise value is assumed to be market power, reduced competition has been considered to promote banking stability. Boyd and De Nicolo (2005) propose an alternative view where concentration in the loan market could lead to increased borrower debt loads and a corresponding increase in loan defaults that undermine bank stability. Martinez-Miera and Repullo (2007) encompass both approaches by ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2007-23



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