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Author:Hylands, Thomas 

An Overview of the Nonprofit Foreclosure Counseling Industry in Philadelphia

The collapse of the housing market in the second half of the last decade created increased demand for counseling services to assist homeowners dealing with foreclosure. In Philadelphia, the nonprofit agencies that provide free housing counseling dealt with this surge in demand at the same time that funding became increasingly hard to secure. This paper provides a high-level overview of the state of the nonprofit foreclosure counseling industry in Philadelphia in the wake of the housing crash. The report includes information on the industry?s funding levels and sources, details what agencies ...
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Student Loans: A Primer

On average, higher education is a great investment: The average person with a four-year degree earns substantially more than the average high school graduate, and the cost of that degree is well below the financial benefits that are derived. However, borrowing to pay for education has risen dramatically in recent years, with outstanding student debt recently passing $1 trillion, which is almost four times the debt incurred in 2004. Today, an increasingly large number of borrowers are unable to make their student loan payments,4 which raises concerns about what this means for individuals and ...
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Student Loan Trends in the Third Federal Reserve District

The state of the student loan market has received much attention in recent years, as the number of borrowers and their collective debt have risen dramatically. These trends have been particularly problematic in the wake of the 2007?09 recession because increased unemployment and suppressed income impair borrowers? ability to make payments on their loans. This report outlines the recent history of student borrowing in the Third Federal Reserve District and explores lending patterns, by the neighborhood income of the borrower, to better understand the implications for low- and moderate-income ...
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Affordability and Availability of Rental Housing in the Third Federal Reserve District: 2012

Using the most recent data available, this suite of materials provides information on rental housing affordability conditions and trends in the Third Federal Reserve District from 2005 through 2010. This analysis not only explores the proportion of renters in the Third District with a housing cost burden but also investigates whether there are sufficient numbers of affordable rental units to meet the needs of low-income households. See "Affordability and Availability of Rental Housing in the Third Federal Reserve District: 2012" for the Cascade Focus PDF summarizing findings for the Third ...
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