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Author:Humphreys, Jane 

Journal Article
The foundations and practice of historic preservation

The authors examine historic preservation and show why it serves as an important force in the economy, discussing the motivations for historic preservation and how the practice has evolved, and explaining why government plays a role in preservation and how policy is implemented. Problems created by the competition between preservation and other interests are presented.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Aging in place in upstate New York

Seniors may find it hard to age in place as they grow older because of a growing disparity between the features of the houses they own and the housing they need. The resulting change in demand for housing products and services is of particular significance in upstate New York, where the majority of seniors are homeowners and the housing stock is dominated by older, single-family homes.
Upstate New York Regional Review , Volume 2 , Issue 2 , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
The aging of Upstate New York

The United States is in the midst of a powerful demographic trend: the aging of its population. Advances in medical technology and lifestyle changes have lengthened life expectancies while birth rates have declined. Moreover, the elderly share of the population will rise quickly once the 76 million-strong baby-boom generation - those born between 1946 and 1964 - begins turning 65 in just a few years. The rapid aging of the population is expected to have profound effects on all aspects of American society. This issue of Upstate New York At-a-Glance outlines the pattern of aging in the region ...
Upstate New York At-a-Glance , Issue Jul



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