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Author:Hernandez-Murillo, Ruben 

Journal Article
Patterns of interstate migration in the United States from the survey of income and program participation

The authors describe the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) as a data source for migration studies. The SIPP is a panel dataset that provides information on income, employment outcomes, and participation in government programs. Survey participants are interviewed for up to four years even if they move to a new household or that household migrates within the United States. This unique longitudinal design gives the survey a strong advantage over traditional data sources. The authors illustrate differences in the propensity for interstate migration among different demographic ...
Review , Volume 93 , Issue May , Pages 169-186

Journal Article
The economics of charitable giving: what gives?

Americans are estimated to have raised their donations to charity three-fold over the past 40 years. What motivates them to give?
The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
Eighth District population growth follows national pattern

The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 18-19

Journal Article
Drug prices under the medicare drug discount card program

In early 2004, the U.S. government initiated the Medicare Drug Discount Card Program (MDDCP), which allowed card subscribers to obtain discounts on prescription drugs. Pharmacy-level prices were posted on the program website weekly with the hope or promoting competition among card sponsors by facilitating consumer access to prices. A large panel of pharmacy-level price data collected from this website indicates that price dispersion across cards persisted throughout the program. Prices declined initially when consumers were choosing cards, but rose later when subscribers were restricted to ...
Review , Volume 90 , Issue Nov , Pages 643-666

Working Paper
Racial profiling or racist policing? bounds tests in aggregate data

State-wide reports on police traffic stops and searches summarize very large populations, making them potentially powerful tools for identifying racial bias, particularly when statistics on search outcomes are included. But when the reported statistics conflate searches involving different levels of police discretion, standard tests for racial bias are not applicable. This paper develops a model of police search decisions that allows for non-discretionary searches and derives tests for racial bias in data that mixes different search types. Our tests reject unbiased policing as an explanation ...
Working Papers , Paper 2004-012

Working Paper
Information and drug prices: evidence from the Medicare discount drug card program

In early 2004, the U.S. Government initiated the Medicare Discount Drug Card Program (MDDCP), which created a market for drug cards that allowed elderly and handicapped subscribers to obtain discounts on their prescription drug purchases. Pharmacy-level prices for many drugs were posted on the program website weekly from May 29, 2004 to December 31, 2005, as the largest undertaking in the history of government-sponsored information release began with the hope of promoting competition by facilitating access to prices. A large panel of pharmacy-level drug price data collected from the Medicare ...
Working Papers , Paper 2005-072

Journal Article
Tough lesson: more money doesn't help schools; accountability does

More people are coming around to what economists have long been saying: The answer to failing public schools isn't more money, but more accountability.
The Regional Economist , Issue Apr , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
Metropolitan growth: sun belt vs. snow belt

National Economic Trends , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Strategic social responsibility

National Economic Trends , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Which came first—better education or better health?

Better-educated people appear to be in better health than less-educated people. But does more education cause better health, or are there other factors at play ? such as income and access to information?
The Regional Economist , Issue Apr , Pages 6-7


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