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Author:Harker, Patrick T. 

Adaptation: How Educators and Employees Evolve to Meet the Needs of a Changing Landscape

"The changing landscape of the labor market offers an opportunity to assess how we?re preparing today?s students for tomorrow?s jobs,? said Philadelphia Fed President Patrick T. Harker today in his remarks on the role of higher education
Speech , Paper 154

Keynote Address: The Economic Outlook

Speaking before an audience in Bucks County, PA, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said that a "new normal" in the economy may mean rethinking policy targets. "Things are unlikely to return to what we considered their relative norms before the recession," he said.
Speech , Paper 147

Conference Paper
The technology payoff in retail banking: the role of the technical labor force

Proceedings , Paper 536

Conversations with Superheroes

Philadelphia Fed President Harker Speaks to Rutgers University?Camden Graduates. During a commencement speech to 2019 graduates of Rutgers University?Camden, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick T. Harker talked about the quality of resilience. ?That?s an advantage that puts you 10 yards ahead of everyone else,? he said. ?That?s your superpower.?
Speech , Paper 168

Apprenticeships: Nobility and Necessity

Apprenticeships date back to ancient times, but they remain relevant in today?s economy, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker told the audience at the Bank?s Apprenticeship Conference on July 11. Apprenticeships help workers acquire the skills now in demand, he said
Speech , Paper 140

Welcoming Remarks, Book Launch: Shared Prosperity in America’s Communities

President Patrick T. Harker provides opening remarks at the book launch for Shared Prosperity in America?s Communities, a collection of essays coedited by the Philadelphia Fed?s Community Development Studies & Education Department and the University of Pennsylvania?s Penn Institute for Urban Research. He highlights the importance of engaging in research on inequality and social mobility to promote economic growth.
Speech , Paper 118

The Prosperity Forum: Economic Mobility Research in Action

The U.S. economy is "doing really well" overall, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank president Patrick Harker said on Friday, in a speech that was long on a Fed program aimed at promoting economic mobility and short on broader economic or monetary policy themes. "The reality of the tight labor market means that employers have to start thinking creatively and long term about how they?re going to address the gaps in their workforces," Harker said in remarks prepared for delivery in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Fed's Economic Growth & Mobility Project, he said, works with local community ...
Speech , Paper 156

Unrealized gains: investing in our region's economic and human capital potential

President Patrick T. Harker discusses investing in our region?s economic and human capital potential at Capital for Communities: Pay for Success Financing, a conference hosted by the Philadelphia Fed's Community Development Studies & Education Department.
Speech , Paper 112

The Opportunities of a Tight Labor Market

Describing the U.S. economy as in “good shape,” Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said he thought monetary policy should remain unchanged. “My own view right now is that we should hold steady for a while and watch how developments and the data unfold before taking any more action,” he told the Main Line Chamber of Commerce on February 12 in Malvern, PA.

An Economic Outlook - Temple University

The United States is and has been an economic powerhouse for most of the past century. We?re the world?s largest economy, and we have consistently been a source of innovation and invention. If we want to keep our global edge, it?s time to think about broad policies that look to where we?ll be in the future. When I was playing football, we ran where the ball was headed to catch it; that?s how we have to look at policy ? monetary, fiscal, and other ? not where we are on the field but where we?re headed.
Speech , Paper 138



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