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Author:Hanley, Kathleen Weiss 

Working Paper
What Does It Take to List Abroad? The Role of Global Underwriters
This paper examines which firms benefit the most from going public abroad and how a robust IPO market affects the trend toward greater globalization of capital. We show that the decision to do an IPO outside the home country is affected not only by the home country's market characteristics but also the extent to which it is financially integrated with the world economy. In addition, we provide evidence that the decisions of whether to go public abroad, where to list, and the amount of proceeds raised are determined by the presence of global underwriters. Our results suggest that the rise of global underwriters facilitates the movement of capital across nations and is one of the channels by which world globalization can affect the IPO process.
AUTHORS: Caglio, Cecilia; Hanley, Kathleen Weiss; Marietta-Westberg, Jennifer
DATE: 2016-03

Working Paper
Litigation risk, strategic disclosure and the underpricing of initial public offerings
Using word content analysis on the time-series of IPO prospectuses, we find evidence that issuers trade off underpricing and strategic disclosure as potential hedges against litigation risk. This tradeoff explains a significant fraction of the variation in prospectus revision patterns, IPO underpricing, the partial adjustment phenomenon, and litigation outcomes. We find that strong disclosure is an effective hedge against all lawsuits. Underpricing, however, is an effective hedge only against the incidence of Section 11 lawsuits, those lawsuits which are most damaging to the underwriter. Underwriters who fail to adequately hedge litigation risk experience economically large penalties including loss of market share.
AUTHORS: Hanley, Kathleen Weiss; Hoberg, Gerard
DATE: 2011

Working Paper
Going public abroad
This paper examines the decision to go public abroad using a sample of 17,808 IPOs. Although only 6% of initial public offerings are offered abroad, these represent approximately 25% of total IPO proceeds. We find that alleviating informational frictions in order to obtain greater offering proceeds is an important determinant of the decision to go public abroad. Foreign and global IPOs originate from countries with significantly fewer recent IPOs in the same industry, less developed capital markets, and lower disclosure standards. Contrary to assumptions in prior research, we also show that the determinants of whether to go public abroad or to go public at home and cross-list later are not similar. In addition, we find that the preferences for going public in certain foreign markets have changed over time and the factors that impact the choice of listing market are not consistent across all countries.
AUTHORS: Caglio, Cecilia; Hanley, Kathleen Weiss; Marietta-Westberg, Jennifer
DATE: 2013


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