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Author:Hancock, Diana 

Conference Paper
The effect on bank assets of business conditions and capital shortfalls

Proceedings , Paper 373

Conference Paper
A summary of \\"Federal Home Loan Bank advances and commercial bank portfolio composition\\"

Proceedings , Paper 1057

Working Paper
An analysis of the potential competitive impacts of Basel II capital standards on U.S. mortgage rates and mortgage securitization

Basel II White Paper , Paper 3

Conference Paper
A proposal for \\"financial institutions' secured asset-backed insurance fund\\" or FINSAIF

Proceedings , Paper 1139

Conference Paper
Basel II competitive implications

Proceedings , Paper 974

Conference Paper
The extraordinary persistence of profits in the U.S. banking industry: a breakdown of the competitive paradigm?

Proceedings , Paper 581

Conference Paper
Federal Reserve research on government-sponsored enterprises

Proceedings , Paper 1018

Conference Paper
Measuring the efficiency of financial institutions: the importance of choosing a frontier

Proceedings , Paper 502

Conference Paper
A framework that incorporation contingent capital into the capital structure of systemically-important firms

Proceedings , Paper 1141

Conference Paper
Domestic and international capital standards and bank assets

Proceedings , Paper 405


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