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Author:Haltom, Renee Courtois 

Journal Article
Game strategy in fiscal straits: When government debts become large, lessons of game theory might help avoid a crisis

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Econ Focus , Volume 16 , Issue 4Q , Pages 24-28

Journal Article
Why Was Canada Exempt from the Financial Crisis?

Canada has avoided crises for 180 years, while we have been prone to them. Can we recreate its stability here?
Econ Focus , Issue 4Q , Pages 22-25

Journal Article
Policy update: Incentives for greener transportation

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 3Q , Pages 9

Journal Article
Interview:Emi Nakamura

Emi Nakamura {{p}} Present Positions {{p}} Associate Professor of Business and Economics at Columbia University and Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology {{p}} Education {{p}} Ph.D. (2007), Harvard University; A.M. (2004), Harvard University; A.B. (2001), Princeton University {{p}} Selected Publications: {{p}} "Are Chinese Growth and Inflation Too Smooth? Evidence from Engel Curves," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming (with Jn Steinsson and Miao Liu); "Fiscal Stimulus in a Monetary Union: Evidence from U.S. Regions," American Economic ...
Econ Focus , Issue 3Q , Pages 26-30

Journal Article
Islamic Banking, American Regulation

For some American Muslims, Sharia-compliant banks are an important part of the financial landscape
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q , Pages 15-19

Journal Article
Interview: Antoinette Schoar

Econ Focus , Issue 3Q , Pages 16-21

Journal Article
Unsustainable Fiscal Policy: Implications for Monetary Policy

Federal government debt held by the public reached 67.7 percent of gross domestic product in 2011 and trends point to large budget deficits for many years to come. In this essay, Renee Haltom and John Weinberg explore the implications for monetary policy if the United States ever approached its fiscal limit. In that scenario, the Federal Reserve might face pressure to produce inflation revenue. The authors conclude that the United States must avoid this scenario by placing fiscal policy on a more sustainable path.
Economic Quarterly , Issue 2Q , Pages 151-167

Journal Article
Jargon alert: Sticky wages

Econ Focus , Volume 17 , Issue 1Q , Pages 10

Journal Article
Jargon alert : Market failure

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 1Q , Pages 10

Journal Article
Fiscal Multiplier

Jargon Alert on the Fiscal Multiplier
Econ Focus , Issue 4Q , Pages 06-06



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