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Author:Haltmaier, Jane 

Journal Article
More or less equal?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Disaggregation and the labor productivity index

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 106

Working Paper
Cyclically Adjusted Current Account Balances

The Great Financial Crisis coincided with a sizable reduction in global external imbalances, defined as the absolute value of the sum of individual country current account surpluses and deficits relative to global GDP. Although current account balances should not respond to a downturn that is uniform across countries, one that hits countries with current account deficits harder than those with surpluses might result in a decline in the global balance. This paper quantifies the cyclical portion of the current account balance for 35 countries using estimates of the severity of the cycle in each ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 1126

Working Paper
Inflation-adjusted potential output

This paper estimates potential output for seven countries using a multivariate version of the Hodrick-Prescott filter in which observations on inflation are used to help separate trend from cyclical movements in output. The potential series are estimated first on an aggregate basis, and then by disaggregating output into three major components: labor productivity, the employment-population ratio, and population. Potential levels of productivity and the employment-population ratios are calculated using the multivariate filter and combined with actual population to derive an alternative, ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 561

Working Paper
The role of China in Asia: engine, conduit, or steamroller?

This paper assesses China's role in Asia as an independent engine of growth, as a conduit of demand from the industrial countries, and as a competitor for export markets. We provide both macroeconomic and microeconomic evidence. The macroeconomic analysis focuses on the impact of U.S. and Chinese demand on the output of the Asian economies by estimating growth comovements and VARs. The results suggest an increasing role of China as an independent source of growth. The microeconomic analysis decomposes trade into basic products, parts and components, and finished goods. We find a large role ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 904

Working Paper
The use of cyclical indicators in estimating the output gap in Japan

The paper uses capital and labor utilization rates to derive estimates of the Japanese output gap and potential output. Two techniques are used. The first uses the cyclical indicators to adjust potential output estimates derived from a Hodrick-Prescott filter over the most recent period when such estimates are generally considered to be unreliable. The second estimates equilibrium levels of the cyclical indicators and uses an Okun's Law-type relationship to derive output gaps and potential output. The second method is also applied to the components of potential output to derive a third ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 701

Working Paper
The importance of capital formation in the recent productivity slowdown

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 104

Working Paper
Challenges for the future of Chinese economic growth

The Chinese economy has been growing at a rapid pace for over thirty years. Most of this growth has come from higher labor productivity, while growth of employment has diminished along with a slower rate of increase in the working-age population. This paper looks at the challenges that China will face over the next two decades in maintaining its rapid pace of economic growth, especially as working-age population growth slows further and then begins to decline. Key questions include whether China will be able to continue to devote nearly half of its GDP to investment, whether such investment ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 1072

Journal Article
Productivity slowdown: II

FRBSF Economic Letter

Discussion Paper
Induced innovation and productivity growth: an empirical analysis

Special Studies Papers , Paper 220


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