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Author:Greenspan, Alan 

Working Paper
Motor Vehicle Stocks, Scrappage, and Sales

This paper offers a new framework for analyzing aggregate sales of new motor vehicles that incorporates separate models for the change in the vehicle stock and for the rate of vehicle scrappage. Because this approach requires only a minimal set of assumptions about demographic trends, the state of the economy, consumer "preferences," new vehicle prices and repair costs, and vehicle retirements, it is shown to be especially useful as a macroeconomic forecasting tool. In addition, a new historical annual time series estimate of motor vehicle stocks in the United States is presented.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1996-40

Conference Paper
An overview of financial structuring

Proceedings , Paper 182

Conference Paper
Cyclicality and banking regulation

Proceedings , Paper 800

Conference Paper
Payments systems in the global economy

Proceedings , Paper 569

Conference Paper
Financial innovations and the supervision of financial institutions.

Proceedings , Paper 435

Conference Paper
The American economy in a world context

Proceedings , Paper 637

Conference Paper
Changes in small business finance

Proceedings , Paper 754

Conference Paper
Putting FDICIA in perspective

Proceedings , Paper 344

Conference Paper
FDICIA and the future of banking law and regulation

Proceedings , Paper 392

Conference Paper
Optimal bank supervision in a changing world

Proceedings , Paper 11


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