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Author:Golding, Garrett 

High Fuel Prices in the U.S. May Crimp Oil Demand Soon

If prices climb higher, expect consumers to respond by cutting back on fuel consumption and overall spending sooner than later.
Dallas Fed Economics

Record-breaking Texas summer heat tests the grid, ERCOT operations

Texas just witnessed its second-hottest summer ever and its highest electricity demand without experiencing interruption to electricity delivery.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Spotlight: Oil Patch Productivity Rises; Jobs Vanish

After major oil price busts in 2014 and 2020, the same engineering prowess that helped the oil and gas industry thrive has been driven to find efficiencies to lower operating costs. The result: Fewer workers are needed to produce the same oil and gas output.
Southwest Economy , Issue Second Quarter

Refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve offers chance to recalibrate its size

A series of emergency drawdowns, exchanges and planned sales since 2020 have reduced crude oil inventories held by the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a 40-year low. Calls to fully refill the SPR in recent months raise important questions.
Dallas Fed Economics

Surging Renewable Energy in Texas Prompts Electricity Generation Adequacy Questions

With little investment taking place in new thermal generation, does the design of Texas’ electricity market provide enough incentive to develop capacity for future power needs?
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Addressing Texas grid reliability: Time to go nuclear?

Thirty years after Texas’ last nuclear plant opened, new nuclear generation could provide needed power without planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.
Southwest Economy

Don’t Look to Oil Companies to Lower High Retail Gasoline Prices

While U.S. retail gasoline prices in many regions have remained stubbornly high since March, this situation reflects frictions in the retail gasoline market rather than the supply of oil or the price of oil.
Dallas Fed Economics

A Ban on U.S. Crude Oil Exports Would Not Lower Gasoline Prices at the Pump

High gasoline prices have stimulated interest in what the Biden administration can do to lower the price at the pump.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas electrical grid remains vulnerable to extreme weather events

New regulations, weatherization standards and operational changes have addressed many shortcomings, but some critical gaps persist.
Dallas Fed Economics




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