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Author:Gabriel, Stuart A. 

Conference Paper
Regional house price dispersion and interregional migration

Proceedings , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Housing and mortgage markets: the post-1982 expansion

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec

Working Paper
Regional labor markets, cost-of-living differentials, and migration

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 91

Working Paper
Forecasting housing construction: lessons and puzzles from recent years

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 69

Working Paper
Rental housing markets and the natural vacancy rate

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 74

Journal Article
California dreamin': a rebound in net migration?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Credit rationing and the demand for owner-occupied housing

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 79

Working Paper
Leaving Los Angeles: migration, economic opportunity and the quality-of-life

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 96-10

Working Paper
Compensating differentials and evolution of the quality-of-life among U.S. states

This paper provides the first application of the compensating differential paradigm to the evaluation of the extent and sources of evolution in quality-of-life among U.S. states. In addition to providing estimates of quality-of-life rankings for U.S. states over the 1981-1990 period, we use estimated implicit prices on place-specific amenities to calculate the contributions of various factors to evolution in the quality-of-life. Our findings indicate that the quality-of-life rankings are relatively stable across model specifications and over time for certain poorly ranked, densely-populated ...
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 96-07

Journal Article
The demise of California reconsidered: interstate migration over the economic cycle

Recent years have witnessed widespread media attention and policy debate regarding the causes and consequences of population flight from California. While some analysts' reports link the reversal in California migration flows to cyclical swings in the state economy, other commentaries focus on alleged deterioration in California amenities and quality of life. This paper employs a logistic migration model to evaluate the role of economic and other location-specific effects in the determination of California domestic migration flows. The model is estimated using data for each of the 50 U.S. ...
Economic Review


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