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Author:Feldman, Ron J. 

Fixing FDICIA: a plan to address the too-big-to-fail problem

1997 Annual Report Essay
Annual Report , Volume 12 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-22

Journal Article
Despite weakening conditions in the agricultural sector, bank data generally indicate good performance

Fedgazette , Volume 10 , Issue Nov , Pages 4-5

Journal Article
When should the FDIC act like a private insurance company? When it comes to pricing, not reserves

The Region , Volume 12 , Issue Sep , Pages 43-48

Journal Article
Is the loan-to-deposit ratio still relevant?

Fedgazette , Volume 10 , Issue Jul , Pages 6

Journal Article
Macrostability ratings: a preliminary proposal

Focusing supervisory attention by assessing the spillover potential of financial institutions
The Region , Volume 23 , Issue Sep , Pages 12-17

Discussion Paper
Quantifying the costs of additional regulation on community banks

In this Economic Policy Paper, we quantify the cost of increased regulation on community banks. We do so by modeling the impact of new regulatory costs as the hiring of additional staff, resulting in higher total compensation and lower profitability. We then analyze the changes in the distribution of community bank profitability.
Economic Policy Paper , Paper 13-3

Discussion Paper
Assessing Community Bank Consolidation

Observers argue that increased regulation and supervision added in response to the financial crisis will speed the decline of community banks. Determining if the rate of community bank consolidation is higher than it would have been absent this additional regulation requires a baseline estimate of community bank consolidation. A baseline estimate is particularly important because the number of community banks in the states of the Ninth Federal Reserve District and the nation as a whole has been in a steady rate of decline for several decades. This paper uses several simple methods to provide ...
Economic Policy Paper , Paper 14-1

Journal Article
Have we only just begun? challenges in implementing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley regime

The Region , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 1-13, 54-55

Conference Paper
Are banking supervisory data useful for macroeconomic forecasts?

Proceedings , Paper 825

Journal Article
Why all concerns about subprime lending are not created equal

Fedgazette , Volume 11 , Issue Jul , Pages 8-9



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