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Author:Famiglietti, Matthew 

Journal Article
Finance and Development: Evidence from Firm-Level Data

An analysis of cross-country data sheds light on the link between finance and economic development.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 3

Journal Article
Female-Led Firms: Trends and Differences Relative to Male-Led Firms

Despite women?s growing role in the workforce, the share of firms led by female CEOs was relatively stable from 2000-2014.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 1

Social Distancing and Contact-Intensive Occupations

Some jobs certainly require more close interaction with other folks than other jobs. Which occupations are the most interactive, and which states have higher shares of these jobs?
On the Economy

House Hunting in a Period of Social Distancing

Lower housing demand due to quarantine orders, slowing price growth and mortgage originations, and a historically high housing supply are all hitting the economy at the same time.
On the Economy

How the Impact of Social Distancing Ripples through the Economy

Social distancing directly hurts industries that rely on face-to-face contact. But the spillover effect is even affecting industries less dependent on such contact.
On the Economy

Reopening the U.S. Economy an Industry at a Time

A novel index of physical contact exposure helps to identify the industries that are the most contact-intensive and might reopen later, as well as lower-contact industries that could reopen sooner.
On the Economy

Ready for the Pandemic? Household Debt before the COVID-19 Shock

Before the pandemic, shares of delinquencies had already been growing in consumer finance loans, credit card debt, student loans and auto loans. And delinquencies can vary greatly among states.
On the Economy

Journal Article
The Geography of Housing Market Liquidity During the Great Recession

Using detailed micro data at the ZIP code level, this article explores the regional variation in housing market performance to account for the severity of the Great Recession. The granularity of the data, relative to a more traditional analysis at the county level, is useful for evaluating the performance of the housing market because credit and local macroeconomic variables are tied to housing valuations. The deterioration of the ability to transact (buy and sell) housing units, often referred to as housing liquidity, is an important link that connects housing outcomes with real and credit ...
Review , Volume 102 , Issue 1 , Pages 51-77

Journal Article
Predicting the Yield Curve Inversions that Predict Recessions: Part 1

Current macroeconomic indicators generally decrease before recessions, but not before yield curve inversions.
Economic Synopses , Issue 9

Journal Article
Predicting the Yield Curve Inversions that Predict Recessions: Part 2

Expectations of housing market conditions should be considered when forecasting recessions.
Economic Synopses , Issue 10




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