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Author:Evanoff, Douglas D. 

Payment systems--getting ready for the 21st century

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Special Issue

Conference Paper
The role of subordinated debt in bank safety and soundness regulation

Proceedings , Paper 673

Working Paper
Regional regulatory effects on bank efficiency

Working Paper Series, Regional Economic Issues , Paper 90-4

Journal Article
CRA and fair lending regulations: resulting trends in mortgage lending

This article provides background on the evolution of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and fair lending regulations, summarizes the relevant economic literature, and evaluates the effectiveness of the regulations by analyzing recent trends in mortgage lending activity. Are the trends in line with the intent of the regulations? Can the trends by attributed to the regulations?
Economic Perspectives , Volume 20 , Issue Nov , Pages 19-46

Journal Article
Subordinated debt as bank capital: a proposal for regulatory reform

Industry observes have proposed increasing the role of subordinated debt in bank capital requirements as a means to increase market discipline. A recent Federal Reserve System Task Force evaluated the characteristics of such proposals. Here, the authors take the next step and offer a specific sub-debt proposal. They describe how it would operate and what changes it would require in the regulatory framework.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q II , Pages 40-53

Conference Paper
Innovation in financial markets

Proceedings , Paper 272

Journal Article
The impact of geographic expansion in banking: some axioms to grind

Economic Perspectives , Volume 10 , Issue May , Pages 24-38

Journal Article
Priced services: The Fed's impact on correspondent banking

Economic Perspectives , Volume 9 , Issue Sep , Pages 31-44

Working Paper
Preferred sources of market discipline: depositors vs. subordinated debt holders

Working Paper Series, Issues in Financial Regulation , Paper 92-21


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