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Author:Dwyer, Gerald P. 

Journal Article
Bank runs and private remedies

Review , Issue May , Pages 43-61

Journal Article
Is money irrelevant?

Review , Issue May , Pages 3-17

Working Paper
Banking reform

Working Papers , Paper 9004

Working Paper
Do fundamentals, bubbles or neither determine stock prices? Some international evidence

Working Papers , Paper 1989-003

Journal Article
Investment analysts' forecasts of earnings

The literature on investment analysts' forecasts of firms' earnings and their forecast errors is enormous. This paper summarizes the evidence on the distribution of analysts' forecasts and forecast errors using data for all U.S. firms from 1990 to 2004. The evidence indicates substantial asymmetry of earnings, earning forecasts, and forecast errors. There is strong support for average and median earning forecasts being higher than actual earnings a year before the earnings announcement. Such differences between earnings and forecasts also exist across time periods and industries. A month ...
Review , Volume 91 , Issue Sep , Pages 545-568

Conference Paper
Contagion effects and banks closed in the free banking period

Proceedings , Paper 196

Journal Article
Rules and discretion in monetary policy

Review , Issue May , Pages 3-13

Conference Paper
Suspension of payments and bank failures

Proceedings , Paper 515

Journal Article
Branching, holding companies, and banking concentration in the Eighth District

Review , Volume 56 , Issue Jul , Pages 11-18

Working Paper
Suspension of payments, bank failures, and the nonbank public's losses

Arguably, eliminating suspensions of payments--periods when banks jointly refuse to convert their liabilities into outside money or other assets--was an important impetus for creating the Federal Reserve. Friedman and Schwartz suggest that a suspension in 1930 would have decreased the severity of the Great Depression. More recently, an emerging literature suggests that suspensions of payments may well be optimal in some states of the world. We present evidence about suspensions of payments from an episode that is close to a controlled experiment for examining their effects. In 1861, about 44 ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 96-3



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