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Author:Dunn, Jason 

How U.S. Import Shipping Costs Vary across Countries and Industries

Shipping costs vary greatly across countries and industries. So surging costs likely have a greater impact on imports from distant sources and imports of large, low-value goods.
On the Economy

Journal Article
US Barriers to International Trade of Goods: Tariffs and Non-Tariff Measures

US imports are obstructed by both tariffs and non-tariff measures, which vary significantly across industries.
Economic Synopses , Issue 9 , Pages 3 pages

Journal Article
International Shipping Costs: Determinants and Outlook

The COVID-19 period saw a huge rise in international shipping costs, but price pressure is likely to ease further as containerships on order are built and delivered.
The Regional Economist

Reviewing the Impact of Energy Sanctions on Russia

So far, Western sanctions on Russian oil and gas exports appear to be working. But in the longer term, Russia may find ways to evade the price cap imposed on its oil sales.
On the Economy

The Dynamics of International Shipping Supply

Recent history suggests that the sharp rise in shipping prices will lead to more container ships, but deliveries of new ships will take years.
On the Economy

Journal Article
U.S. Trade of Semiconductors: Cross-Country Patterns and Historical Dynamics

How dependent is the U.S. on other countries to access semiconductors? How much has this dependence changed over time? And which countries are key players?
Economic Synopses , Issue 31 , Pages 1-3

Journal Article
Systemic Financial Risks, Macroprudential Tools and Monetary Policy

An analysis describes macroprudential tools used to reduce systemic financial risks and examines how such tools could be useful adjuncts to monetary policy.
The Regional Economist

Supply Chain Disruptions and Inventory Dynamics

Firms appear to have moved away from a just-in-time inventory model to one that prioritizes resilience, as reflected in high levels of inventory holdings of intermediate inputs.
On the Economy

Journal Article
International Trade Dependence and Inventory Dynamics

US manufacturers that source their intermediate inputs from abroad have been more likely to increase their inventories in the aftermath of unexpected events and heightened uncertainty.
Economic Synopses , Issue 17

Journal Article
The Increased Tradability of Natural Gas

Technological developments have increased the tradability of natural gas. Researchers Leibovici and Dunn identify potential bottlenecks that may limit growth in this market.
Economic Synopses , Issue 32 , Pages 1-3




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