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Author:Dominguez, Kathryn 

Conference Paper
Does foreign exchange intervention matter? disentangling the portfolio and expectations effects for the mark

Proceedings , Issue Nov

Working Paper
Are foreign exchange forecasts rational? New evidence from survey data

Tests of rational expectations in foreign exchange markets have been inconclusive because of disagreement over the underlying asset pricing model. This paper uses a newly available set of data on foreign exchange forecasts to examine directly expectations formation in four foreign currency markets. Generally, results do not support the simple rational expectations hypothesis.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 281

Working Paper
Does foreign exchange reserve decumulation lead to currency appreciation?

Many developing countries have increased their foreign reserve stocks dramatically in recent years, often motivated by the desire for precautionary self-insurance. One of the negative consequences of large accumulations for these countries is the risk of valuation losses. In this paper we examine the implications of systematic reserve decumulation by the Czech authorities aimed at mitigating valuation losses on euro-denominated assets. The policy was explicitly not intended to influence the value of the koruna relative to the euro. Initially the timing and size of reserve sales was not ...
Globalization Institute Working Papers , Paper 48