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Author:Dolmas, James 

Journal Article
Two Measures of Core Inflation: A Comparison

Trimmed-mean personal consumption expenditure (PCE) inflation does not clearly dominate PCE inflation excluding food and energy in real-time forecasting of headline PCE inflation. However, trimmed-mean inflation is the superior communications and policy tool because it has been a less-biased real-time estimator of headline inflation and because it more successfully filters out headline inflation?s transitory variation, leaving only cyclical and trend components.
Review , Volume 101 , Issue 4

Working Paper
Mobility and Engagement Following the SARS-Cov-2 Outbreak

We develop a Mobility and Engagement Index (MEI) based on a range of mobility metrics from Safegraph geolocation data, and validate the index with mobility data from Google and Unacast. We construct MEIs at the county, MSA, state and nationwide level, and link these measures to indicators of economic activity. According to our measures, the bulk of sheltering-in-place and social disengagement occurred during the week of March 15 and simultaneously across the U.S. At the national peak of the decline in mobility in early April, localities that engaged in a 10% larger decrease in mobility than ...
Working Papers , Paper 2014

Dallas Fed Mobility and Engagement Index Gives Insight into COVID-19’s Economic Impact

To gain insight into the economic impact of the pandemic, we developed an index of mobility and engagement, based on geolocation data collected from a large sample of mobile devices.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Globalization: myths and realities

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 13-14

Journal Article
The national economy: heading for a dip?

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 9 - 12

Journal Article
On the record: The art and science of measuring inflation: a conversation with Jim Dolmas

At a time when many Americans worry about rising prices, Dallas Fed Senior Economist Jim Dolmas discusses the numbers we use to track inflation in the U.S. economy.
Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
A fitter, trimmer core inflation measure

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 1, 4-9

Journal Article
Monetary policy in a zero-interest-rate economy

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1-5, 16

Discussion Paper
Measuring core inflation: notes from a 2007 Dallas Fed conference

In May 2007, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas hosted a conference, organized with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, titled "Price Measurement for Monetary Policy." The conference broadly focused on two issues - the measurement of core inflation and the measurement of inflation expectations. This paper summarizes the conference papers on core inflation.
Staff Papers , Issue May

Discussion Paper
Excluding items from personal consumption expenditures inflation

Core inflation measures constructed by excluding particularly volatile items from the price index have a long history. The most common such measures are indexes excluding the prices of food and energy items. This paper attempts to shed some statistical light on the impact of excluding certain items from the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index. In particular, I am interested in the trade-off between reducing shortrun volatility (relative to the volatility of the headline index) and possibly distorting the measurement of inflation over longer horizons. Some of the questions this ...
Staff Papers , Issue Jun



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