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Author:Diavua, Sydney 

Journal Article
Gentrification: Research and Practitioner Perspectives

In urban areas across the United States, the demand for housing in center-city, amenity-rich neighborhoods is increasing, driven by young, college-educated, predominantly white residents. Those with higher incomes are able to outbid low-income residents, which may lead to voluntary and involuntary displacement of these households. In low-income, center-city neighborhoods, this is particularly troubling, as these neighborhoods offer greater access to public transportation, social services, employment centers, and social networks. Displacement could force vulnerable households into less ...
Cascade , Volume 4

Journal Article
Coalition Helps Returning Citizens Move from Corrections to Communities

A number of state and local agencies in Pennsylvania are partnering to support the successful transition of ex-offenders who are returning to communities. This partnership ensures compliance with parole and supervised release requirements and makes meaningful connections to housing, training, and employment that can help reduce the likelihood of reoffense.
Cascade , Volume 3

Journal Article
Bank Partnership Helps Ex-Offenders

In an effort to support community stabilization in Monroe County, PA, a local community bank last year entered into a unique partnership with a community college, a health-care system, and a district court to help ex-offenders reintegrate into their communities. ESSA Bank & Trust,1 located in Stroudsburg, PA, provides financial education and loans to ex-offenders who are leaving the federal corrections system and transitioning back into the community. Bank president and chief executive officer Gary S. Olson notes: ?We [ESSA Bank & Trust] were looking for ways to strengthen our ties and impact ...
Cascade , Volume 2

Journal Article
Resident Engagement: Effective Strategies for Community Building

Community-building initiatives bring together a number of stakeholders to set goals and implement activities to revitalize neighborhoods. As part of this process, organizations seek ways to incorporate resident input and increase resident engagement. Intermediaries and technical assistance organizations such as the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) provide strategies and best practices to solicit resident ideas and to encourage residents to participate in the process of building a community. According to the LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development, ?The work of ...
Cascade , Volume 4

Journal Article
The Future of Fair Housing: Interview with Philip Tegeler

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) is leading efforts to advance federal policy on fair housing and is working ?to promote innovative, research-based advocacy strategies to address structural inequality and disrupt the systems that disadvantage low-income people of color.?1 Philip Tegeler, the president and executive director of PRRAC, contributed his insights on the current state of fair housing 50 years after the landmark Fair Housing Act during a recent Philadelphia Fed Research Symposium. Cascade sat down with Tegeler to learn more.
Cascade , Volume 2

Journal Article
Building Opportunities and Skills for a Growing Digital Workforce

Information Technology (IT) is a sector with a high demand for skilled workers to fill jobs in U.S., regional, and local economies, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although most of the employment opportunities in this sector have been advanced-skills jobs in start-ups, software and application development, and wearable technologies, there are many IT opportunities that do not fall into these categories. The need for skilled IT employees has increased across many industries. Recent initiatives and reports recognize these opportunities as a means to move entry-level workers into ...
Cascade , Volume 1



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