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Author:Crockett, Anna 

Economy's Essential Early Care and Education Industry but Still Faces Labor Shortfall

When the pandemic first struck and many child care centers closed, ECE worker unemployment spiked. Now that two years have passed since the onset of COVID-19 in the United States, to what extent has the industry recovered?
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Black Workers, Mothers Leaving Early Education and Child Care Jobs amid Health Risks, Low Pay

Understanding which teachers were likelier to leave the industry over the past two years and the factors that could have influenced their decision to leave are at the heart of this study.
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Hard-Hit Child Care Industry May Need Multisector Response to Revive and Thrive

Millions of U.S. workers have lost their jobs during the pandemic. When they are ready to return to work, their child care options may be few.
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Employment Numbers Suggest Young People Face Barriers in Recovery from Pandemic

Unemployment rates spiked for young adults in the initial months of the COVID recession. Since that time, younger members of this cohort (ages 16-19) have substantially recovered, while older members (ages 20-24) continue to see unemployment rates well above pre-COVID levels.
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Skipping School: Enrollment Numbers Down for Students Ages 16–24 During Pandemic

Pandemic-related hardships likely contributed to a surge in the number of young people disconnected from school at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.
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Young adults are disconnected from work and school due to long-term labor force trends

The sharp rise during the pandemic in young people who are neither in school nor working—often referred to as “opportunity youth”—is the exacerbation of a problem that has gradually worsened in the past two decades.
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‘They’re in Deep Hiding’: Pandemic Hinders Efforts to Reengage Texas’ Disconnected Youth

Education and employment trends suggest that the number of 16–24-year-olds disconnected from both work and school—known as opportunity youth—has grown during the pandemic.
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Demographic disparities among disconnected young adults persist but are narrowing over time

This article sheds light on how several demographic groups have differed in their response to business cycles over time and how their disconnection rates have changed in recent years.
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Women Veteran Business Owners: We Want to Hear From You

Women veteran-owned small businesses are an important part of our regional economy, but little is known about their needs and challenges.
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Communities, Service Providers in Region See Long Road to COVID-19 Recovery, Fed Survey Shows

Nearly all respondents reported "significant" disruption to economic conditions in their communities, and over two-thirds anticipate a "difficult" economic recovery.
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