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Author:Choi, Laura 

Working Paper
Financial education in San Francisco: a study of local practioners, service gaps and promising practices

The landscape of financial education services in San Francisco is broad, with multiple organizations offering services for diverse populations. However, until recently, there has been little effort to coordinate the many resources and organizations committed to promoting financial education. The recently formed San Francisco Financial Education Network is a collaborative group of nonprofit service providers, philanthropic funders, and local public sector representatives dedicated to improving the provision of financial education services in the city. Network participants agreed there is ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2009-08

Journal Article
Student debt and default in the 12th District

Postsecondary educational expenses and student loan balances have been trending steadily upward, but persistent unemployment and weak economic conditions have created an alarming new trend of rising student loan defaults. This Brief examines broad trends in student borrowing in the Federal Reserve's 12th District, with an emphasis on students from low- and moderate-income households. The rise of student borrowing has important community development implications as it directly impacts the present and future financial well-being of LMI individuals.
Community Development Research Brief , Issue Dec , Pages 01-15

Journal Article
Testing Our Hypotheses on Equitable Development: Midcourse Learning and Adapting Through SPARCC

The Strong, Prosperous, And Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC) supports collaborative leadership to advance changes in policy, practice, and investment that promote equitable regional development. SPARCC does this by investing in six regions across the country: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Within each site, leaders from across sectors come together at the same metaphorical table to align their vision and implement strategies for effecting regional change. SPARCC provides each site with combined grant and technical assistance funds over ...
Community Development Research Brief , Issue 01 , Pages 01-19

Working Paper
Bank accounts and youth financial knowledge: connecting experience and education

Studies have shown that ?experiential learning? can result in significant knowledge gains in a number of subject areas, but how does ?learning by doing? fit into the context of financial education? This new working paper explores this topic and analyzes data from the 2008 Jump$tart survey of high school seniors to examine the relationship between bank account ownership and student knowledge of personal finance. The results are informative for financial education delivery, particularly the importance of providing interactive opportunities for the application and practice of skills and ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2009-07

Conference Paper
Improving evaluation and metrics in youth financial education

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Take Charge America Institute at the University of Arizona, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis invited a small group of researchers and practitioners to discuss how to improve the evaluation and metrics of youth financial education programs. The meeting focused specifically on youth ? which we defined as individuals under the age of 25 ? in an effort to distinguish this effort from others that have discussed financial education research more broadly. The goal for the meeting was to help create a research agenda that would move the field ...
Proceedings , Issue July

Journal Article
Impacts of COVID-19 on Nonprofits in the Western United States

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in the response to COVID-19, but the crisis is straining their ability to serve communities. This report summarizes data from a Federal Reserve survey to assess the impact of the pandemic on nonprofit respondents and the communities they serve in the Western United States.
Community Development Research Brief , Issue 03 , Pages 01-08

Working Paper
The Economic Gains from Equity

How much is inequity costing us? Using a simple growth accounting framework we apply standard shift-share techniques to data from the Current Population Survey (1990-2019) to compute the aggregate economic costs of persistent educational and labor market disparities by gender and race. We find significant economic losses associated with these gaps. Building on this finding, we consider which disparities generate the largest costs, paying specific attention to differences in employment, hours worked, educational attainment, educational utilization, and occupational allocation. We also examine ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2021-11

Working Paper
Lessons on cross-sector community development: the Las Vegas Healthy Communities Coalition

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, launched the ?Healthy Communities? initiative in 2010 to explore how the health and community development sectors can collaborate. A regional meeting took place in Las Vegas in January 2012, which led to the formation of the Las Vegas Healthy Communities Coalition (LVHCC), a collective impact initiative with a mission to ?foster collaboration and coordination across multiple sectors and stakeholders, to generate healthy outcomes for all Southern Nevadans.? This report details the formation and ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2013-7

Working Paper
Boosting the power of youth paychecks: integrating financial capability into youth employment programs

This paper summarizes the results of the first-ever quasi-experimental design study of a youth financial capability initiative seamlessly integrated into a youth workforce development program. MyPath Savings supports low-income working youth to bank, save, and build their financial confidence through a comprehensive model that includes financial education, goal-setting, and non-custodial accounts. MyPath provided technical assistance and training to prepare nonprofits to implement MyPath Savings, as well as to the financial institution partner, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, to ensure the ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2016-3

Journal Article
The rise of single family rentals in Arizona, California, and Nevada

The worst of the housing crisis may be behind us, but the recent housing market recovery opens up a number of new community development questions. Of particular concern is the potential impact of investor purchases of single-family residences, especially in hard-hit neighborhoods that experienced severe price depreciation and offered an abundant supply of distressed property. This Research Brief examines trends in rental housing composition in Arizona, California and Nevada and takes a closer look at local areas that have seen the fastest growth in single-family rentals. These three states ...
Community Development Research Brief , Issue September , Pages 1-24


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