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Author:Calem, Paul S. 

Journal Article
Changes in the distribution of banking offices

The past twenty years have been marked by major structural and regulatory changes in the banking industry. This article explores the relationships between these changes and the distribution of "brick and mortar" banking offices between 1975 and 1995. The analysis explores how population shifts, deregulation, and mergers, acquisitions, and failures may have influenced changes in the number and location of banking offices. Special attention is given to changes in banking office distributions across neighborhoods grouped by the median income of their residents and their central city, suburban, ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 83 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
The Community Reinvestment Act: increased attention and a new policy statement

Business Review , Issue Jul , Pages 3-16

Working Paper
House-price expectations, alternative mortgage products, and default

August 2013, Revised December 2014 Rapid house-price depreciation and rising unemployment were the main drivers of the huge increase in mortgage default during the downturn years of 2007 to 2010. However, mortgage default was also associated with an increased reliance on alternative mortgage products such as pay-option and interest-only adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), which allow the borrower to defer principal amortization. The goal of this paper is to better understand the forces that spurred use of alternative mortgages during the housing boom and the resulting impact on default ...
Working Papers , Paper 15-1

Working Paper
The impact of branch banking on pricing and service availability: theory and evidence

Working Papers , Paper 93-23

Working Paper
Competition and specialization in the hospital industry: an application of Hotelling's location model

Working Papers , Paper 94-27

Working Paper
Search, switching costs, and the stickiness of credit card interest rates

Working Papers , Paper 92-24

Working Paper
Prudential Policies and Their Impact on Credit in the United States

We analyze how two types of recently used prudential policies affected the supply of credit in the United States. First, we test whether the U.S. bank stress tests had any impact on the supply of mortgage credit. We find that the first Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress test in 2011 had a negative effect on the share of jumbo mortgage originations and approval rates at stress-tested banks?banks with worse capital positions were impacted more negatively. Second, we analyze the impact of the 2013 Supervisory Guidance on Leveraged Lending and subsequent 2014 FAQ notice, ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 1186

Working Paper
The location and quality effects of mergers

Working Papers , Paper 92-5

Working Paper
Branch banking and the geography of bank pricing

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 95-25

Working Paper
On gradual price reduction as a retail sales strategy

Working Papers , Paper 88-12


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