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Author:Bradford, Terri 

Backward Glance While Looking Forward

This article takes a backward glance at some of the early emerging payments nearly a decade after their introduction and examines their status today and where they may be heading.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue April , Pages 1-5

In the Nick of Time: The Rise of Earned Wage Access

Fintech programs that provide employees access to earned wages ahead of payday have gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although consumers benefit from greater financial flexibility, such programs may involve risks.
Payments System Research Briefing

The Cryptic Nature of Black Consumer Cryptocurrency Ownership

Owning cryptocurrency has become especially popular among Black consumers for reasons related to historical context as well as the forward-looking views of young consumers. While cryptocurrencies have the potential to meet Black consumers’ expectations, they also pose risks to privacy and financial security.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue June 1, 2022 , Pages 6

Journal Article
New person-to-person payment methods: have checks met their match?

The last decade has seen a surge in new methods for making person-to-person (P2P) payments. Despite the surge, studies show that U.S. consumers still prefer to make P2P payments with checks and cash. In fact, P2P payments by check are the only method of payment that is still increasing. ; Bradford and Keeton provide a detailed analysis of how each of the new P2P payment methods works and evaluate the extent to which they meet consumers? needs in terms of speed, payer control, security and universality. The authors then provide a summary of the gaps that remain in P2P payments services and ...
Economic Review , Volume 97 , Issue Q III

Working Paper
Nonbanks in the payments system

Nonbanks have always been a key component of the nation's payments system. In recent years, however, nonbanks have become even more prominent. This heightened visibility raises several questions. In which payments activities are nonbanks engaged? What roles do nonbanks play in specific payments types? What types of risk are potentially associated with nonbank participation? This paper begins to address these questions. Preliminary findings include: (1) Nonbanks are involved in a myriad of activities and roles, both in traditional and emerging payments types; (2) Nonbank business relationships ...
Payments System Research Working Paper , Paper PSR WP 02-02

Contactless: the next payment wave?

This article explores the evolution of contactless payments, whose use will likely increase and could have an important impact on the payments landscape.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec

International remittances

This article describes some of the means by which individuals remit funds internationally -- informal networks, money transfer operators, financial institutions and other options -- and discusses some of the factors that may influence the choice of provider.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec

Walmart Checking and Apple Savings: Different Motivations, Similar Outcomes?

Walmart and Apple have announced plans to offer traditional financial accounts. Walmart’s consumer checking account may advance financial inclusion by increasing account access to unbanked and underbanked consumers. Apple’s consumer savings account may change how credit card issuers offer rewards to their customers. Both offerings are likely to increase competition in the financial services industry, though whether they ultimately benefit consumers remains to be seen.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue November 30, 2022 , Pages 5

Developments of QR Code-Based Mobile Payments in East Asia

Initiatives facilitating QR code-based mobile payments in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong may address some pain points of banks, nonbanks, and merchants, but whether they address consumers’ depends on factors such as fragmentation and overall digital commerce experience
Payments System Research Briefing

Where social networks, payments and banking intersect

This article explores opportunities and risks emerging from a relatively new phenomenon: The rise of commerce, banking and payments services marketed and offered through social media.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec



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