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Author:Bodaken, Michael 

Journal Article
Scaling social enterprises: flexible responses for neighborhood stabilization

Social enterprise models have been critical in the recent crisis because resources are few, the need is great, and the challenges are new. Since 2007, the market has changed rapidly and frequently. Significant federal policy response did not arrive until 2009; and in 2013, public stimulus has largely been exhausted even as foreclosures continue to affect millions. In this changing market context, social enterprises have the advantage of an inherently responsive and flexible approach to creating social impact through a self-sustaining, or at least highly efficient, business platform.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 02 , Pages 29-41

Journal Article
Utilities and community developers partner to improve the energy efficiency of affordable rental housing nationwide

Improving the energy efficiency in homes is an important strategy for reducing poverty?s impact on low-income families. Low-income individuals and families spend a disproportionate share of their income on utility bills, and energy costs are one of the highest operating expenses in residential housing. Correspondingly, the benefits of efficiency investments in low-income housing include higher net discretionary income for poor households, a more stable affordable housing stock, and healthier living environments. These outcomes directly affect the quality of life of disadvantaged families as ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 043-052


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