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Author:Bi, Yingda 

Journal Article
Noteworthy: Income and poverty: Texans slip during recession

Benchmarks of economic well-being show that Texas experienced a pattern of highs and lows similar to that of the nation during the recession. However, Texas continues to rank below other states in many of the measures, including median household income, poverty rate, and health insurance coverage.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 14

Journal Article
Spotlight: Health care reform - reducing ranks of uninsured Texans comes at a price

Texas has the highest percentage of residents without health insurance in the nation. About 27 percent of nonelderly Texans, or 6.1 million people, don?t have coverage. The rest of the population is insured through an employer, private individual insurance or a public plan such as Medicaid. Congress approved health care reform, known as the Affordable Care Act, in March 2010 in part to reduce the ranks of the uninsured.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 15-15

Journal Article
Limited English skills, relative youth contribute to Hispanic poverty rates

The Hispanic population?s well-being plays an increasingly important role in regional and national economic prosperity. Hispanic workers? skills and education will help determine the future productivity of the labor force and competitiveness of U.S. industry.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Spotlight: Texas employment : gains aren’t simply a low-wage jobs story

Amid reports of the nation?s weak economic recovery, high unemployment and slow job growth, attention has turned to Texas, the only large state on track to surpass its prerecession peak employment by year-end. Since the U.S. recession concluded in 2009, Texas employment has grown 3.3 percent, compared with 0.6 percent for the rest of the states.[1] Texas added 827,000 jobs, an 8.7 percent increase, between 2001 and 2010 and expanded in every category except manufacturing, information and construction. The nation lost 2.8 million jobs during that period, a 2.3 percent decline.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 15




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