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Author:Belongia, Michael T. 

Journal Article
Predicting interest rates: a comparison of professional and market- based forecasts

Review , Issue Mar , Pages 9-15

Working Paper
Selecting an intermediate target variable for monetary policy when the goal is price stability

Conventional investigations of the "best" intermediate target variable for monetary policy have used a single criterion: the best fit between the behavior of an aggregate and that of some goal variable such as nominal spending or the aggregate price level. Ignored in this type of study, however, is the ability of the central bank to control the behavior of the aggregate which has the best fit relative to the goal variable. This paper treats the issue of monetary control explicitly and selects an intermediate target variable on the basis of a joint criterion of monetary control and ...
Working Papers , Paper 1992-008

Journal Article
Cash flow or present value: what's lurking behind that hedge?

Review , Volume 67 , Issue Jan , Pages 5-13

Journal Article
Are economic forecasts by government agencies biased? Accurate?

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 15-23

Working Paper
An admissible monetary aggregate for the United Kingdom

Working Papers , Paper 1989-007

Working Paper
Agricultural and financial market interdependence: another view

Working Papers , Paper 1984-012

Working Paper
On the importance of being expected: insights to the weekly money puzzle

Working Papers , Paper 1985-007

Journal Article
Money growth variability and GNP

Review , Volume 66 , Issue Apr , Pages 23-31

Journal Article
Why do food prices increase?

Review , Volume 65 , Issue Apr , Pages 5-12

Journal Article
The farm credit crisis: will it hurt the whole economy?

Review , Volume 67 , Issue Dec , Pages 5-15




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