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Author:Bechter, Dan M. 

Journal Article
Municipal budget surpluses

Cross Sections , Issue Fall , Pages 11

Journal Article
Are inventories sensitive to interest rates?

Economic Review , Volume 65 , Issue Apr , Pages 18-27

Working Paper
Fifth district indexes of manufacturing output

The absence of timely data on regional manufacturing output makes it difficult to determine what is happening in the manufacturing sector in a particular area. Data comparable to the monthly indexes of U.S. manufacturing output are not generally available for individual states or for specific regions of the country. Although annual surveys of manufacturers provide measures of output by state and industry, these data are published after a lag of more than a year.
Working Paper , Paper 88-03

Journal Article
The economy in 1980 and the outlook for 1981

Economic Review , Volume 65 , Issue Dec , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
Inventory recession ahead?

Economic Review , Volume 64 , Issue Jul , Pages 7-19

Journal Article
The elementary microeconomics of private employee benefits

Economic Review , Volume 60 , Issue May , Pages 3-12

Working Paper
The competitiveness of rural county manufacturing during a period of dollar appreciation

Some observers contend that manufacturing activity in rural areas has been more adversely affected than in urban areas by foreign competition. It is true, of course, that the economies of some rural areas have been devastated by closing of key manufacturing plants. Even if plant closings were distributed randomly among rural and urban areas, however, some rural areas (as well as some urban areas) would suffer greatly because of their "company town" character. We found little empirical support in the literature for the claim that rural areas on average suffered disproportionately from ...
Working Paper , Paper 90-04

Journal Article
State and local governments: their stake in federal budget reform

Economic Review , Volume 66 , Issue Nov , Pages 20-27

Journal Article
Evidence of improved inventory control

Inventory data applied to a standard partial stock-adjustment model demonstrate that inventory control, defined by desired marginal inventory-sales ratios and speeds of adjustment, improved in the last decade or so, particularly in the manufacturing sector. In addition, the evidence suggests that, contrary to popular wisdom, the net effect of these changes in inventory control has been to increase the volatility of inventory investment in both the manufacturing and trade sectors.
Economic Review , Volume 78 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-12

Journal Article
A short-run forecasting model of personal consumption expenditures

Economic Review , Volume 64 , Issue Mar , Pages 3-14



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