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Author:Barkema, Alan 

Journal Article
How rural America sees its future

Main Street Economist , Issue Dec

Journal Article
The farm recovery back on track

Economic Review , Volume 78 , Issue Q I , Pages 41-53

Journal Article
U.S. agriculture's trade prospects

Main Street Economist , Issue Jul

Journal Article
The farm slump continues

The century's final year was one of frustration for U.S. agriculture - certainly not the way the industry had hoped to close the millennium. Farmers took pride> in their productivity, turning out the fourth bin-busting crop in a row and more red meat and poultry than ever before. But the big production collided with a still sluggish world market, holding down farm commodity prices. Still, farm income held up well above the average for the past decade, due to another big financial assistance package from Washington.> The farm slump will likely continue in the year ahead, although prospects for ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q I , Pages 43-55

Journal Article
The drought of 1988

Financial Letters , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Can agriculture end its slump in 2000

Main Street Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
The new U.S. meat industry

Main Street Economist , Issue Apr

Journal Article
The North American free trade agreement: what is at stake for U.S. agriculture?

Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Q III , Pages 5-20

Journal Article
Agriculture and the GATT: a time for change

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Feb , Pages 21-42

Journal Article
U.S. agriculture on the mend

Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue Dec , Pages 28-41



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