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Author:Bandyopadhyay, Subhayu 

Working Paper
The determinants of aid in the post-cold war era

This paper estimates the responsiveness of aid to recipient countries? economic and physical needs, civil/political rights, and government effectiveness. We look exclusively at the post-Cold War era and use fixed effects to control for the political, strategic, and other considerations of donors. We find that aid and per capita income have been negatively related, while aid has been positively related to infant mortality, rights, and government effectiveness.
Working Papers , Paper 2006-021

Working Paper
Is there too little immigration? an analysis of temporary skilled migration

This paper presents a model of legal migration of temporary skilled workers from one source country to two host countries, both of which can control their levels of such immigration. Because of complementarities between capital and labor, the return on capital is positively related to the level of immigration. Consequently, when capital is immobile, host nations? optimal levels of immigration are positively related to their capital endowments. Further, when capital is mobile between the host nations, the common return on capital is a function of the levels of immigration in both countries, ...
Working Papers , Paper 2006-062

Journal Article
The effects of terrorism on trade: a factor supply approach

The conventional view of terrorism is that it raises risks and, as a result, reduces trade. The authors use a factor supply approach to show that this hypothesis is not necessarily correct. They use a two-good, two-factor, small open economy model to show that terrorism can either reduce or raise trade depending on critical factors, such as the impact of terrorism on the intensive factor of the export or the import sector. They then extend the analysis to models with several goods and factors and identify conditions under which trade may rise or fall with a greater incidence of terrorism. ...
Review , Volume 96 , Issue 3 , Pages 229-241

Working Paper
Immigration and outsourcing: a general equilibrium analysis

We analyze the effects of outsourcing in the presence of a minimum wage by presenting a general-equilibrium model with an oligopolistic export sector and a competitive import-competing sector. An outsourcing tax is politically popular because it switches jobs to unemployed natives. It is also economically sound because it raises national income. An export subsidy may or may not be justified on welfare grounds. Increased international competition has no effect on the level of outsourcing, but the direction of its effect on unemployment and national income depends on the relative factor ...
Working Papers , Paper 2005-058

Working Paper
Trade and child labor: a general equilibrium analysis

This paper augments the existing literature on trade and child labor by exploring the effects of terms of trade changes in the context of a three good general equilibrium model, where one of the goods is a non-traded good. We find that under quasi-linear preferences the effect of the terms of trade on child labor depends critically on the pattern of substitutability (or complimentarity) in the excess demand functions between the export good and the non-traded good. We extend the analysis to the case where factors move freely between the three goods as in a Heckscher-Ohlin type framework. ...
Working Papers , Paper 2007-024

Working Paper
On the substitutability between foreign aid and international credit

We examine the effect of relaxing a binding borrowing constraint for a recipient country on theamount of foreign aid it receives. We do so by developing a two-country, two-period trade-theoretic model. The relaxation of the borrowing constraint reduces the flow of foreign aid, suggesting that the donor views developing nations' access to international credit markets as a substitute for foreign aid.
Working Papers , Paper 2012-043

Working Paper
Foreign aid, illegal immigration, and host country welfare

This paper analyzes the effect of foreign aid on illegal immigration and host country welfare using a general equilibrium model. We show that foreign aid may worsen the recipient nation?s terms of trade. Furthermore, it may also raise illegal immigration, if the terms of trade effect on immigration flows dominates the other effects identified in our analysis. Empirical analysis of the effect of foreign aid on illegal immigration to the United States broadly supports the predictions of our theoretical model. Foreign aid worsens the recipient?s terms of trade. While the terms of trade effect ...
Working Papers , Paper 2012-007

Journal Article
Mortgage delinquency rates in district are not as bad as national average

An unprecedented amount of aid was extended by the Treasury, Fed and FDIC to companies, agencies and individuals. This aid was necessary and, in many cases, will return a profit to taxpayers.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 18-19

Working Paper
Poverty, political freedom, and the roots of terrorism in developing countries: An empirical assessment

This paper finds that political freedom has a significant and non-linear effect on domestic terrorism, but this effect is not significant in the case of transnational terrorism. Some of our other novel findings are that while geography and fractionalization may limit a county?s ability to curb terrorism, the presence of strong legal institutions deters it. ; Earlier title: "What spurs terrorism in developing nations?"
Working Papers , Paper 2009-023

Military Expenditures: How Do the Top-Spending Nations Compare?

An analysis looks at how defense spending among the top six nations has changed since 1992, what has driven the changes and what it might mean for future spending.
On the Economy




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