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Author:Ball, Laurence 

Working Paper
Imperfect information and staggered price setting
AUTHORS: Cecchetti, Stephen G.; Ball, Laurence
DATE: 1986

Conference Paper
What do budget deficits do?
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence; Mankiw, N. Gregory
DATE: 1995

Conference Paper
Hysteresis in unemployment
Hysteresis is central to long-run unemployment movements in many countries. This essay addresses two broad issues. The first is whether there is clear evidence of hysteresis effects. To put it differently, can we reject the hypothesis that the NAIRU, and hence the long run behavior of unemployment, is independent of aggregate demand? The second broad issue is the nature of hysteresis. Through what mechanisms do short-run unemployment movements influence the NAIRU? What determines the strength of these effects in different countries and time periods? What are the implications for monetary policy?
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence
DATE: 2008

Conference Paper
A sticky-price manifesto
AUTHORS: Mankiw, N. Gregory; Ball, Laurence
DATE: 1994-04

Conference Paper
Near-rationality and inflation in two monetary regimes
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence
DATE: 2000

Conference Paper
The genesis of inflation and the costs of disinflation
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence
DATE: 1991

Journal Article
What causes inflation?
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence
DATE: 1993-03

Journal Article
How do forecasts respond to changes in monetary policy?
Laurence Ball and Dean Croushore look at forecasts from the Survey of Professional Forecasters to determine if forecasts and the economy respond in tandem or if there are significant differences.
AUTHORS: Croushore, Dean; Ball, Laurence
DATE: 2001-10

Journal Article
How costly is disinflation? The historical evidence
AUTHORS: Ball, Laurence
DATE: 1993-11