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Author:Avraham, Dafna 

Journal Article
A Structural view of U.S. bank holding companies
Large banking organizations in the United States are generally organized according to a bank holding company (BHC) structure. In this article, we describe the organizational structure of large U.S. bank holding companies and present summary statistics that document the increasing size, complexity, and diversity of these organizations. We also outline the different types of regulatory data filed with the Federal Reserve by U.S. bank holding companies and describe the strengths and weaknesses of these data, as a source for researchers and others interested in these organizations.
AUTHORS: Avraham, Dafna; Vickery, James; Selvaggi, Patricia
DATE: 2012

Discussion Paper
Peeling the Onion: A Structural View of U.S. Bank Holding Companies
When market observers talk about a ?bank,? they are generally not referring to a single legal entity. Instead, large domestic banking organizations are almost always organized according to a bank holding company (BHC) structure, in which a U.S. parent holding company controls up to several thousand separate subsidiaries. This hierarchy of controlled entities generally includes domestic commercial banks primarily focused on lending and deposit-taking as well as a range of nonbanking and foreign firms engaged in a diverse set of business activities, such as securities dealing and underwriting, insurance, real estate, private equity, leasing and trust services, asset management, and so on. In this post, we present some results of our article and contribution to the special EPR banking volume, ?A Structural View of U.S. Bank Holding Companies,? which uses public regulatory data to document trends and stylized facts about the size, organizational complexity, and scope of large U.S. BHCs.
AUTHORS: Avraham, Dafna; Vickery, James; Selvaggi, Patricia
DATE: 2012-07-20

Discussion Paper
Tracking the U.S. Banking Industry
The New York Fed has recently published the first edition of a new quarterly report tracking the aggregate financial condition of consolidated U.S. banking organizations. In this post, we describe the methodology used to construct the statistics in the report as well as present and briefly discuss some of the findings.
AUTHORS: Vickery, James; Avraham, Dafna; Tara Sullivan
DATE: 2012-10-10



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