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Author:Andrews, Nancy O. 

Journal Article
Taking capital for social purposes to a new level

Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 69-71

Journal Article
Coming out as a human capitalist: community development at the nexus of people and place

Recent research is making the case that the communities we live in can help or harm us at every level?physically, socially, emotionally. These effects can stay with us for the rest of our lives. There is a revolution in knowledge afoot that demonstrates convincingly that investing in people, especially in children, is every bit as important as investing in markets and buildings. It is important for the community development field to take this on board and, it is potentially transformative for our strategies and programs.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 3 , Pages 047-065

Working Paper
The economic crisis and community development finance: an industry assessment

For thirty years, the community development finance industry?banks, credit unions, loan funds, community development corporations, venture funds, microfinance institutions?has quietly provided responsible, well-designed and well priced credit to lower-income people and communities. These entities have provided this credit with the support of the federal government, through the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, the Low Income Housing and New Markets Tax Credits, the Small Business Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and various housing and facilities development ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2009-05

Journal Article
Financing energy efficiency in low-income multifamily rental housing: a progress update from the Low Income Investment Fund

Bringing energy efficiency to our nation?s building stock is an attractive triple bottom line proposition, and a critical one?for addressing global climate change, improving environmental quality and health, and delivering cost savings to owners and tenants. Although markets for retrofitting commercial properties and single family homes are developing, many low-income people are still waiting on the sidelines to partake in benefits. This trend is particularly worrisome because the least fortunate are more likely to live, attend school, and work in older, less energy-efficient buildings; as a ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 085-090

Journal Article
Strength in adversity: community capital faces up to the economic crisis

The current economic environment has created new challenges, as well as opportunities, for the community development finance industry.
Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Win

Journal Article
A Hole in Our Vision: Race, Gender and Justice in Community Development

What was missing from the original vision of Investing in What Works for America?s Communities? This article explores the role of racial and gender equity in an expanded vision for the community development field. Beyond the integration of people and place, the field must consider the need for integrating justice more deeply into its efforts.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 011-014


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