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Author:Anderson, Richard G. 

Journal Article
Bagehot on the financial crises of 1825...and 2008

Monetary Trends , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Fueling expected inflation

Monetary Trends , Issue Sep

Journal Article
The 1990s acceleration in labor productivity: causes and measurement

The acceleration of labor productivity growth that began during the mid-1990s is the defining economic event of the past decade. A consensus has arisen among economists that the acceleration was caused by technological innovations that decreased the quality-adjusted prices of semiconductors and related information and communications technology (ICT) products, including digital computers. In sharp contrast to the previous 20 years, services-producing sectors-heavy users of ICT products-led the productivity increase, besting even a robust manufacturing sector. In this article, the authors ...
Review , Volume 88 , Issue May , Pages 181-202

Journal Article
U.S. currency at home and abroad

Monetary Trends , Issue Mar

Working Paper
Building new monetary services indices: methodology and source data

This paper is second of two from the Monetary Services Indices (MSI) Project at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The first paper, Working Paper 96-007B, surveys the microeconomic theory of the aggregation of monetary assets. This paper describe a new database of monetary services indices (MSI) for the United States. The MSI measure the flow of monetary services received each period by households from their holdings of monetary assets; the levels of the indices are often also referred to as Divisia monetary aggregates. In addition to indices of the flow of monetary services, the database ...
Working Papers , Paper 1996-008

Journal Article
Has the long-run velocity of M2 shifted? Evidence from the P* model

An examination of one of the P-Star model's primary assumptions: the constancy of M2's long-run velocity, or V-Star. Using actual data through the end of 1992, the authors find that simulations of the model under a variety of hypotheses regarding changes in V-Star provide little support for a dramatic shift in that measure.
Economic Review , Volume 29 , Issue Q I , Pages 14-26

Journal Article
The curious case of the U.S. monetary base

The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
What is driving oil prices?

Besides supply and demand, speculation is drawing a lot of attention these days as a cause of higher oil prices.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
How well do wages follow productivity growth?

National Economic Trends , Issue Mar

Journal Article
The financial services sector: boom and recession

The fluctuations in home construction (and prices) have been widely discussed, but swings in the financial services sector also are important elements of economic activity within U.S. states.
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