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Author:Alm, Richard 

A better way: productivity and reorganization in the American economy

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Labor market globalization in the recession and beyond

Two types of immigration, physical (immigration that brings the workers to the work) and virtual (immigration that moves the work rather than the workers, involving the long-distance delivery of services), have contributed to globalization of the labor force over the past quarter century. In the past two years, recession has spread to most parts of the world, slowing or even reversing globalization's momentum. The slowdown has taken a toll on both physical and virtual immigration. In recovery, the long-term factors supporting cross-border integration of trade, finance and labor are likely to ...
Economic Letter , Volume 4

Have a nice day! The American journey to better working conditions

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The saving grace

Many economists agree that a country's rate of saving can be a key factor in the growth rate and living standards the country achieves. Analysts are less certain about which factors have positive and negative influences on saving, what role government should have in creating a better environment for saving, and the extent to which a country can offset the effects of low domestic saving by tapping into other countries' savings. ; Economists, bankers, and officials discussed these and other aspects of saving earlier this year at a symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q III , Pages 43-52

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China and India: two paths to economic power

The two Asian giants have achieved rapid and sustained growth -- China by focusing on goods, India by tilting toward services.
Economic Letter , Volume 3

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Regulatory and monetary policies meet \\"too big to fail\\"

In 2010, the U.S. economy has been showing signs of pulling out of its tailspin. But questions remain about why it took so much monetary policy firepower to deal with the crisis.
Economic Letter , Volume 5

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Women at work: a progress report

Throughout history, much of women?s work has taken place in the home rather than in the marketplace. Recent generations of women, however, have been more likely to work in the formal economy, particularly in the United States and other developed countries.
Economic Letter , Volume 2

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The upside of downsizing

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 7-11

The service sector: give it some respect

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What d'ya know? Lifetime learning in pursuit of the American dream

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