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Author:Alm, Richard 

Journal Article
The churn among firms

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 6-9

Journal Article
The upside of downsizing

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 7-11

Journal Article
Productivity gains showing up in services

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 1, 5-8

Journal Article
America's trade deficit: the latest false alarm

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
Law firms go global: taking Texas talent to a worldwide market

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 10

Journal Article
Five years of the euro: successes and new challenges

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 13-18

Journal Article
Crude awakening: behind the surge in oil prices

The first few months of 2008 saw crude oil prices breach one barrier after another. They topped $100 a barrel for the first time on Feb. 19, then rose past $103.76 about two weeks later, surpassing the previous inflation-adjusted peak, established in 1980. In April and early May, oil prices pushed past $110 and then $120 a barrel and beyond. ; These milestones reflect a new era in oil markets. After the tumult of the early 1980s, prices remained relatively tame for two decades - in both real and nominal terms. This long stretch of stability ended in 2004, when oil topped $40 a barrel for the ...
Economic Letter , Volume 3

Journal Article
China and India: two paths to economic power

The two Asian giants have achieved rapid and sustained growth -- China by focusing on goods, India by tilting toward services.
Economic Letter , Volume 3

Journal Article
Regulatory and monetary policies meet \\"too big to fail\\"

In 2010, the U.S. economy has been showing signs of pulling out of its tailspin. But questions remain about why it took so much monetary policy firepower to deal with the crisis.
Economic Letter , Volume 5

Journal Article
Women at work: a progress report

Throughout history, much of women?s work has taken place in the home rather than in the marketplace. Recent generations of women, however, have been more likely to work in the formal economy, particularly in the United States and other developed countries.
Economic Letter , Volume 2



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