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Author:Alexander, Lewis S. 

Working Paper
German unification and the European monetary system: a quantitative analysis

This paper uses a macroeconomic model with rational expectations to analyze issues related to German unification. A principal focus of the paper is the effect of unification on member countries of the European Monetary System. Under certain conditions, German unification has a contractionary effect on other EMS countries. We explore the implications for EMS and other countries of alternative German fiscal and monetary policies.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 421

Working Paper
Debt conversions: economic issues for heavily indebted developing countries

This paper is a general discussion of debt conversions in heavily indebted developing countries. The paper first describes the three different types of transactions that are commonly called debt conversions. Next the paper discusses programs that have been established in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and the Philippines to facilitate these transactions. Then the different ways in which commercial banks can participate in these transactions and the volume of these transactions to date are discussed. The paper concludes with a discussion of a broad range of economic issues raised by these ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 315

Working Paper
The global economic implications of German unification

This paper uses a multi-country econometric model to assess the global impact of rapid economic integration of the two Germanys. The fundamental assumptions are that East Germany brings relatively more labor than capital to the union than does West Germany, and that the economic structure of a united Germany is essentially identical to that of pre-unification West Germany. In all of the simulations economic union leads to an acceleration of growth and investment in Germany, a real appreciation of the Deutschemark, and a reduction in Germany's current account surplus. The impact of German ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 379


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