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Author:Akana, Tom 

Discussion Paper
Consumer Payment Preferences and the Impact of Technology and Regulation: Insights from the Visa Payment Panel Study
The Consumer Finance Institute hosted a workshop in August 2018 featuring Michael Marx, senior director at Visa, Inc., to discuss recent data from the Visa Payment Panel, highlighting the evolution of consumer payment preferences since the Great Recession and the passage of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009. A number of intriguing trends were discussed. Debit card adoption and growth have shown signs of slowing, even as regulatory changes have increased its prevalence recently among younger consumers. Credit card usage continues to grow and has shifted largely to rewards-based products. Payment preferences for younger consumers appear to be influenced by the availability of financial products (driven by social and regulatory influences) as well as the advent of mobile wallets and person-to-person (P2P) technologies. This paper summarizes Marx?s presentation along with additional research.
AUTHORS: Akana, Tom
DATE: 2019-07-02

Discussion Paper
Meet People Where They Are: Building Formal Credit Using Informal Financial Traditions
The Consumer Finance Institute hosted a workshop in February 2019 featuring Jos Quionez, chief executive officer, and Elena Fairley, programs director, of Mission Asset Fund (MAF) to discuss MAF?s approach to helping its clients improve access to mainstream financial markets. MAF?s signature program, Lending Circles, adapts a traditional community-based financial tool known as a rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA) to help establish or expand credit reports for participants who may not be able to do so through traditional means. Lending Circles have served more than 10,000 clients since 2007 and have expanded well beyond MAF?s core constituency in the Mission District of San Francisco. Quionez and Fairley discussed MAF?s approach to working with the communities it serves and shared the key successes and challenges that MAF has encountered. This paper provides an overview of the information shared in the workshop and additional research connecting Lending Circles to previous work on ROSCAs.
AUTHORS: Akana, Tom
DATE: 2019-08-15

Discussion Paper
Developing a Customer-Driven Credit Card: Testing Consumer-Issuer Collaboration in the Barclays Ring Community
The Consumer Finance Institute hosted a workshop in November 2018, featuring Paul Wilmore, then chief marketing officer of Barclays US, to discuss the Barclays Ring credit card program. Through the Ring online community, Barclays engages cardholders directly in the program management, sharing detailed profit and loss data, seeking input on program features, and soliciting ideas on how to better create a relationship between the issuer and the customer. Wilmore reviewed the history of the Ring program and provided an overview of the key successes and challenges Barclays has encountered. This paper summarizes Wilmore?s presentation and provides additional research on online communities.
AUTHORS: Akana, Tom
DATE: 2019-10-07

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