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Author:Abraham, Alexander T. 

Dallas Fed’s Texas Jobs Estimates Provide Early, Accurate Assessment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually revises regional job estimates in a process called benchmarking. A Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas adjustment provides researchers a more current means of assessing Texas economic conditions.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Gone to Texas: Migration Vital to Growth in the Lone Star State

Texas has relied on a large and sustained influx of workers from other states and other countries. These transplants?making up nearly half of the state?s workforce?account for an even larger share of Texas? growth than their relative numbers. Significantly, this inflow brought the types of workers most in demand.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 3-11

Working Paper
The Effect of Immigration on Business Dynamics and Employment

Immigration, like any positive labor supply shock, should increase the return to capital and spur business investment. These changes should have a positive impact on business creation and expansion, particularly in areas that receive large immigrant inflows. Despite this clear prediction, there is sparse empirical evidence on the effect of immigration on business dynamics. One reason may be data unavailability since public-access firm-level data are rare. This study examines the impact of immigration on business dynamics and employment by combining U.S. data on immigrant inflows from the ...
Working Papers , Paper 2004

Journal Article
Spotlight: Rising Education Helps Explain Hispanic Household Income Growth in Texas

Hispanic household income has grown considerably in real (inflation-adjusted) terms in Texas and the U.S. during recent years.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 18-18

Journal Article
Texas Top-Rated State for Firm Relocations

Texas is the leading destination for companies relocating from other states. The economic benefits of the moves may be best measured in terms of the ancillary activity generated rather than the benefits directly attributable to the relocations.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 3-7

Domestic Migration to Texas Slows as National Labor Markets Tighten

Despite a strong economy and historically low unemployment rates in Texas, net domestic migration to Texas from other states has slowed since 2015.
Dallas Fed Economics




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