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Funding credit card loans: current and future considerations

Abstract: Many factors influence credit-card-issuing banks? decisions about how to fund credit card loans. These factors include the size and structure of the institution, economic conditions, and the regulatory environment. Against the backdrop of a much smaller market for credit card asset-backed securitization, the Payment Cards Center (PCC) wanted to better understand how changes in any of the above factors and in the funding sources accessible to credit-card-issuing banks are affecting funding strategies now and in the future. To gain this perspective, the PCC interviewed a diverse set of credit-card-issuing bank executives. These participants were asked about the composition of their funding sources, changes in the markets for these sources of funds, and the effects of existing or potential regulation. This paper presents several themes that emerged from these discussions.

Keywords: Credit cards; Pricing;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Part of Series: Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers

Publication Date: 2013

Number: 13-03