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Developing a Customer-Driven Credit Card: Testing Consumer-Issuer Collaboration in the Barclays Ring Community

Abstract: The Consumer Finance Institute hosted a workshop in November 2018, featuring Paul Wilmore, then chief marketing officer of Barclays US, to discuss the Barclays Ring credit card program. Through the Ring online community, Barclays engages cardholders directly in the program management, sharing detailed profit and loss data, seeking input on program features, and soliciting ideas on how to better create a relationship between the issuer and the customer. Wilmore reviewed the history of the Ring program and provided an overview of the key successes and challenges Barclays has encountered. This paper summarizes Wilmore?s presentation and provides additional research on online communities.

Keywords: credit cards; online community; participation inequality; gamification;

JEL Classification: D14; D91; O35;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Part of Series: Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers

Publication Date: 2019-10-07

Number: 19-4

Pages: 25 pages