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Spotlight on Research: Early Labor Experiences of Young Men: Underlying Factors and Later Consequences

Abstract: Unemployment has deleterious effects on the overall health of the economy. Also, unemployment is debilitating to those experiencing it. For young entrants into the labor force, their early employment/unemployment experiences may be especially critical to their later labor market success. Thus, the initial transition-to-work period may foretell future employment status and wages/income. This is a particularly crucial juncture for young minority males who generally experience high rates of unemployment. Conventional wisdom suggests that higher educational attainment plays a prominent role in labor market and economic outcomes. A study by Michael Stoll draws on research in this area and examines the ?influence of educational attainment and race/ethnicity on labor outcomes during the initial transition to work and over the first stage of young men?s working careers.?1 The following is a summary of his paper.

Keywords: work force; Unemployment;

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Publication Date: 2012-01

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