Discussion of “Systemic Risk and the Solvency-Liquidity Nexus of Banks”

Abstract: Pierret (2015) presents empirical analysis of the solvency-liquidity nexus for the banking system, documenting that a shock to the level of banks? solvency risk is followed by lower short-term debt. Conversely, higher short-term debt Granger-causes higher solvency risk. These results point toward a tight interaction between solvency and liquidity risk over time. My comments are threefold. First, I suggest improving the identification of shocks in Pierret?s vector autoregressive setup. Second, I caution against using the quantitative results as the basis for setting policy. Third, I recommend using theoretical restrictions from macro-finance theories to improve identification and interpretation.

Keywords: banking liquidity; systemic risk; liquidity regulation; capital regulation;

JEL Classification: G01; G28; G21;

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Publication Date: 2015-04-01

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