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Global Supply Chain Pressure Index: May 2022 Update

Abstract: Supply chain disruptions continue to be a major challenge as the world economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, recent developments related to geopolitics and the pandemic (particularly in China) could put further strains on global supply chains. In a January post, we first presented the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI), a parsimonious global measure designed to capture supply chain disruptions using a range of indicators. We revisited our index in March, and today we are launching the GSCPI as a standalone product, with new readings to be published each month. In this post, we review GSCPI readings through April 2022 and briefly discuss the drivers of recent moves in the index.

Keywords: global supply chain; Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI);

JEL Classification: F0; E31;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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Publication Date: 2022-05-18

Number: 20220518