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Unequal Distribution of Delinquencies by Gender, Race, and Education

Abstract: Once again, we utilize multivariate regression analysis and present bar charts for the regression coefficients of interest; these show the correlations between demographics, educational outcomes, and debt delinquencies, controlling for factors such as immigration and visa status, type of high school attended, year of entry to CUNY, and whether a student has a disability, is economically disadvantaged, or is an English language learner. The charts shown below are split into two panels: the upper panel represents results for students who enter CUNY for an associate (AA) degree, while the lower panel depicts results for students who enter CUNY for a bachelors (BA) degree. We will refer to the former group of students as AA students and to the latter group of students as BA students.

Keywords: CUNY; debt; mortgage; New York (City) ; inequality; credit card; student debt; auto;

JEL Classification: D14; Q12; R10;

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Publication Date: 2021-11-17

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