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The Impact of Superstorm Sandy on New York City School Closures and Attendance

Abstract: On October 29, superstorm Sandy hit the tri-state area, flooding streets, highways, tunnels, buildings, and homes, and crippling the region?s public transit system. At least ninety-four people in New York and New Jersey were killed. Downed power lines and damaged transformers plunged downtown Manhattan and coastal areas into days and weeks of darkness. The damage is still being assessed, but costs are sure to be in the tens of billions. Schools were no exception to this devastation, both in infrastructural damage and in disruptions to students? education. The storm shut down all 1,750 New York City public schools for a full week, and many remained closed, damaged, or were relocated in the following week. A few schools will not return to their normal locations until 2013. In this post, we analyze the impact of Sandy on New York City schools and assess how the storm might affect students? educational outcomes.

Keywords: School Closures; Sandy; New York City Schools; Relocations; Hurricane; Attendance;

JEL Classification: Q1;R1;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Part of Series: Liberty Street Economics

Publication Date: 2012-12-19

Number: 20121219