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Review of New York Fed studies on the effects of post-crisis banking reforms

Abstract: In 2017, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York initiated a project to examine the effects of post-crisis reforms on bank performance and vulnerability. The project, which was completed in June 2018, consisted of twelve studies evaluating a wide set of regulatory changes. The primary focus was how these regulatory changes affected the risk taking, funding costs, and profitability of banks, as well as their impact on liquidity. In this article, the authors survey the twelve papers that make up the project and place the principal findings in the context of the current academic and policymaking debate on the effects of post-crisis changes to financial regulation.

Keywords: Financial regulation; post-crisis reforms;

JEL Classification: G2; G1;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Part of Series: Economic Policy Review

Publication Date: 2018

Issue: 24-2

Pages: 71-90