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Immigration, health, and New York City: early results based on the U.S. new immigrant cohort of 2003

Abstract: This article was presented at a conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in April 2005, \\"Urban Dynamics in New York City.\\" The goal of the conference was threefold: to examine the historical transformations of the engine-of-growth industries in New York and distill the main determinants of the city's historical dominance as well as the challenges to its continued success; to study the nature and evolution of immigration flows into New York; and to analyze recent trends in a range of socioeconomic outcomes, both for the general population and recent immigrants more specifically.

Keywords: Federal Reserve District, 2nd; Medical care - New York (N.Y.); Economic conditions - New York (N.Y.); Immigrants - New York (N.Y.);

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Part of Series: Economic Policy Review

Publication Date: 2005

Issue: Dec

Pages: 127-151

Order Number: v.11 no.2