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Bankruptcy in America: where are we seven years after reform?

Abstract: While economic worries, including high unemployment and high rates of foreclosure, persist in America, one indicator that receives relatively little media attention is household bankruptcy. While bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 7 bankruptcy, offers a fresh financial start to the petitioner, certain types of obligations, such as child support, tax liens, and security interests in automobiles and homes, remain the responsibility of the petitioner (i.e., the person seeking bankruptcy protection). For the debt that is discharged, all efforts by creditors to recover or collect from the bankrupt party (outside the bankruptcy process) must cease. There is no ready source of data on the amount of debt discharged annually in bankruptcy proceedings.

Keywords: Bankruptcy;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Part of Series: Profitwise

Publication Date: 2012

Issue: Dec

Pages: 5-8